PVT #12: the 24-hour Mega-Meetup

To beat the pandemic blues, our friends at Video Tech Sydney decided to replace this year’s IBC Meta-Meetup with a virtual “Mega-Meetup”, 24 hours of talks from meetup communities around the globe.

For our part, we had a dedicated hour for Paris Video Tech with two talks on the subject of video encoding.

Towards Live VVC encoding

Mickael Raulet, VP Innovation at ATEME, started by presenting us ATEME’s contribution to the first VVC deployments which has been promoted along with the SES tech days in May. ATEME is developing a first end-to-end ecosystem part of the French collaborative project “EFIGI” where INSA and VideoLabs are contributors.

Link to the talk: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/750423472?t=9h38m18s

State of open-source video projects

Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President of VideoLAN, took the stage next to tell us about the ongoing projects in which VideoLAN is involved.

Link to the talk: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/750423472?t=10h00m15s


Follow this link to watch all the talks presented during the 24-hour mega-meetup. And don’t miss our next event in December, online of course!