PVT #13: Apéro Vidéo Confiné

We may be sheltering in place (again), but we can still shine the spotlight on French engineering in the video space. That’s what we have done during this 13th edition of Paris Video Tech !

How to index with AI more than 1000 video streams in parallel using big data technologies?

Frederic Petitpont, CTO and Co Founder of Newsbridge, explained to us how we can leverage technologies from the big data paradigm (kafka, akka, event sourcing) and a cloud native approach (distributed processing, infrastructure as code…) to process and analyse a massive amount of video streams in real time.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x7y84j5 @ 5min

From standardization to conformance: the “making of” your favorite media standards

As a video community we use standards every day: H264, HEVC, AV1, VVC, MP3, AAC, MP4, CMAF, DASH… What do we really know about these names? Who makes them, why and how? How do we ensure such complex technology will work? In this talk, Romain Boucqueau, Motion Spell / GPAC Licensing, described the machinery behind the making of a standard, from its inception to its validation.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x7y84j5 @ 34min32s

Impact of Low latency CMAF based delivery on DAI and DRM

The industry has been busy working on solutions to reduce the delay of live video streams, enabling operators to achieve the same latency for OTT as traditional broadcast using DASH and HLS formats. So, is the industry’s work complete?

Deploying a low-latency service is not just about streaming format. Monetizing the service is key; therefore, DRM or ad insertion should work properly in this more constrained environment given that every second count in the delivery workflow.

In this presentation, Patrick Gendron, director of innovation at Harmonic for digital television applications, examines the remaining issues and limitations that the industry needs to address to properly monetize these highly valuable contents. He will also discuss the ongoing initiatives to get the necessary elements in place to deploy commercially viable services at scale.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x7y84j5 @ 1h29min50s

CMAF: what’s new on LL-DASH & LL-HLS & VVC?

CMAF is a common container used for LL-DASH and LL-HLS. In this presentation, Mickael Raulet, CTO at ATEME, will present the impact on the end-to-end ecosystems: encoder / packager / CDN / player. He will also present early results on a VVC live channel trial with The Explorers and Akamai.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x7y84j5 @ 1h58min46s