PVT #14: April Fools’ Edition

That was not a joke! Paris Video Tech came back on April 1st for its second online meetup, and hopefully the last one of the “confined” series. With three talks for this first event of 2021, this edition was again exciting !

Building an automated testing suite

The Lumen device-side delivery teams have built a multi-platform, multi-device and multi-format automated testing suite for video software. Instead of relying on manual testing to identify issues, automated tests can save time and help focus teams on solving problems instead of discovering them. Maxime Huynh, QA & Release Engineer at Lumen Technologies, will walk you through the different building blocks of an integration testing tool, the differences in testing mobile versus desktop solutions, as well as the limitations and potential improvements to the current workflow.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x80cc84 @ 4min50s

Building a high-performance benchmarking and load-testing tool for video streaming and content delivery systems at Broadpeak.

At Broadpeak, their focus has been on building a tool that generates highly realistic workloads. The core design principle driving their development has been to avoid compromises on workload realism for the sake of higher performance. By careful implementation and use of the latest and most advanced techniques and programming paradigms, Nicolas Scouarnec, research engineer on the Exploration Team at Broadpeak, and his team have been able to achieve excellent performance and exceed existing OSS in both realism and performance.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x80cc84 @ 33min08s

Media business’ environmental impact: issues and propositions

The digital world has a significant and growing environmental impact. Cedric Lejeune, the founder of Workflowers, presents different aspects, applied to the media business: climate and environment considerations, as well as legal and commercial implications. He shows us more operational data and potential improvements on different technology aspects: production, data center and distribution strategies.

Replay: https://dai.ly/x80cc84 @ 1h30min30s